Coworker Week Spotlight: Jetta Rackleff

Continuing with our Coworker Week Spotlight: up next is goaltender, Jetta Rackleff.

The Chemical Engineering graduate from RIT sustained a season ending upper body injury early in the year and has been working on rehabilitation at Boston Therapy and Wellness.

It will take Rackleff six months to return to the game and a full year to return to full strength.

For her day job, Rackleff works part time at Pure Hockey, primarily in the goalie department. She also does some skate sharpening as well as fitting equipment and skates for customers.

She also works part time as a goalie coach for the Boston Stars and Max Pro Jets.

Rackleff will soon be embarking on a new career as an engineer in the United States Air Force’s Leadership and Development Program. She will be continuing her education with the Air Force to earn her Master’s Degree in engineering as well.

We’re hoping to see some of Rackleff’s Pure Hockey and Air Force coworkers as well as those treating her at Boston Wellness and Therapy for our Coworker Night on March 10 when the Blades face the Markham Thunder. The puck will drop at 8 p.m. Tickets are available online as well as at the door on game day.

Merisa Boyd is the Media Relations Manager for the Boston Blades. All media inquiries and requests should be sent to [email protected]